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According to its type, furniture is divided into 2 types, indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. Both of these furniture have various models, according to their functions, of course, with a choice of colors that can be adjusted to your liking. Then what is the difference between the two?In this section we will discuss about indoor furniture.

Indoor furniture is furniture which is used in indoor space or rooms inside a buliding such as in houses, apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, villa etc. Inside of those buildings, we’ll be found furniture for dining area, bed room, kitchen, bathroom and others. Furniture to be made to adjust its function for those areas/rooms.

Shape and measurements are likely to follow and adjust its function for each area. For example, furniture for dining area will be different from bedroom. And so on. Therefore we will find many ranges of indoor furniture. One of our masterpieces are Chair 5 which can be categorized as single chair/sofa and accent chair. It’s suitable for any spot for your house/residential.