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When we decide to buy indoor furniture, its purpose is only for specific room/area inside the house – for your interior space.

But, outdoor furniture will be able to be put outside the house such as on your patio, veranda, garden – a place which the grass grow and exposed to sun ray and as well as rain.

Eventhough, both have outdoor design but it also applies for inside of the house.

With these elegant, modern and simple look which represent indoor and outdoor furniture perfectly.

You can find both of these coffee tables in our warehouse (Citra Fajar Utama).

We made both coffee tables with teak wood. Teak wood is categorized as hardwood species that resilient to weather, it’s a perfect material for outdoor furniture.

Humidity and heat exposure in the changing of weather have long-term effect due to its natural characteristic, durable.

The oils in teak are what make it weather-resistant and requires basically no care when left outside.